eurovision host: if you don't know what a hashtag is--
graham norton: don't PATRONISE me
eurovision host: [...] hashtag get a life
graham norton: I'M 51, I'M NOT DEAD

this features an ice skater rollerblading, which sounds lame, and indeed is.

graham norton, eurovision 2014 on montenegro (via karaathrace)

This act features a trapeze. Why? Because it’s Eurovision.

Graham Norton (via youknowyourebritishwhen)

Icelandic wiggles.

I like it.


so we were talking about eurovision and how people tended to leap onto one another’s commentary posts (basically opens) when they otherwise likely might not do so

and considering that most non-planned rps that go on for a moderate number of replies will eventually hit the “okay, but where are they” wall

during eurovision rp no one asks this, they just reply to whoever whenever whatever

therefore leading to the headcanon that all the countries actually watching eurovision would pack into the living room of the country that hosts that year, crammed onto couches and sitting precariously on couch arms/backs and also spread out across the floor all watching on the telly

and occasionally throwing snacks at each other and/or the screen

and it was a really cute feel so idk here have a general headcanon on eurovision



how to succeed in the eurovision: share borders with as many countries as possible or just send your weirdest artist

#that’s why the uk always fucks up

Cheesecake sounds awesome right now.


[ Dancing on top of a table with a wine bottle; ] 


Ah, yes.

Time to drink.

Maman non.





Haha, it’s not all dramatic as that. It’s all pretty standard. I’m sure there’s many other weather situations out there that are much worse. 


[Sighs] I mean, not to say that it’s not going to cause problems for a lot of people. But it’s not like we can control the weather.


No, we cannot, there is only one Being that can. I will keep all of you in my prayers for warm and safety! And also for spring to come as soon as possible! Fashion week happened very recently in Milan and I felt terribly bad for the women who sacrificed comfort in order to wear such short skirts. 


Yeah, spring would be wonderful. It’s been a hard winter for everyone. I’m sure everyone will forget as soon as summer comes around. Everyone always seems too.


[Well if it’s being offered…]

[Help yourself dude, it’s up for grabs.]

[Alright then it’s time to munch.]

Ludwig set this all up?